How Much Does It Cost to Get your Propeller Fixed?

The cost to fix your bent boat propeller varies… You knew I was going to say that!

I know that’s not what you want to hear but don’t worry read on and I’ll show you how much it costs in my area for different types of boat propellers. Aluminum props is cheaper to fix than stainless steel props.

  • In Seattle, WA I paid $60 to fix my 3-blade aluminum propeller that had parts of 2 blades missing. It came off a 120 hp Force Outboard Motor.
  • A bent Stainless prop cost $110 to fix a bent blade

Amazon now has a Full selection of Boat propellers at great prices. I’ve used them to buy a new prop when I wanted to change the pitch or size, or simply have a spare prop. Don’t leave the dock without a spare prop and a wrench to change it!