How To Winterize Your Outboard Motor Video

Free Video on How To Winterize Your Outboard Motor yourself. – Step by Step.

One step in this Winterization video that I do not agree with is concerning running anti-freeze through your boat motor. Outboards Motors are self draining, when they are vertical all the water will drain out and you don’t have to worry about freezing. So I don’t run anti-freeze through mine since I store it vertically. If you don’t store yours vertically, you might consider it as an extra piece of mind but vertical storage is best.

Consult your outboard shop manual for specific details concerning you specific brand and year of outboard motor, they are generally the same though some have unique steps associated with them. Find an cheap used outboard motor manual here


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  1. March 13, 2013

    […] your boat. Many look the same but have different size inlets or threads. I change my filter when I winterize my boat in the Fall or Summerize it in the […]

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