Latest Used Outboard Motors For Sale

eBay is a great place to find used outboard boat motors, especially smaller kicker motors up to 15hp. Target your search in the land locked states so you know they’ve had only fresh water use. I look in the northern mid-west where the boating season is short and the water is fresh and clean! You know the motors have low hours. Even motors from the 70’s and 80’s will run great as long as they were maintained.

Make sure you buy from a reputable seller with good feedback. Also make sure you have recourse like a return policy if the motor was not as stated when it arrives. Many seller will have a warranty and return period.

Take a look a the eBay feed below to see if there are any deals on Used outboard motors.

Latest Used Outboards For Sale on eBay

Here are some current eBay listings for Used Outboard Motors under $2000.

Buying a used motor on Craigslist

Craigslist may be another good source of used outboard motors depending on where you live. Here in Seattle boats and motors are very overpriced. About 20% above KBB bluebook. Also since we have saltwater nearby there is not guarantee you will get a freshwater gem, dispute what the owner may say. Sometimes it’s worth paying the shipping if you can find a better motor at a lower price or just don’t have any for sale in your area.