LED Marine Spreader Lights

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The boat finally has lights!

I love my new LED spreader lights I just bought for my boat. I’ve never had lights before, so I’m excited to extend my boating season. I got them from SeaBeam Marine since they had the best prices I could find. They are 18 watt models, which is a measure of energy used not brightness, confusing I know. Apparently it’s the equivalent to 100 watt halogens.

Here are the specs if you’re interested:

  • 6×3 watt bulbs = 18 watt LED light.
  • Heavy duty aluminum housing is designed for extreme conditions.
  • Ultra bright 1560 lumen light will light up everything you need to see.
  • Brighter than 100¬†watt regular halogen headlight, but only uses 18 watts.

LED Marine Boat Lights

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