Used Boat Buyers Guide

2013 Bayliner BoatGuide to Buying a Used Boat

If you’re reading this you’re wondering if Bayliners are well made boats and worth your money and time. Well as most things do, It depends. Bayliners are the most popular entry level boat for a few reasons, the biggest reason is they are inexpensive. Whether you’re buying a Bayliner new or buying a used boat this guide will tell you what to look for to decide if you’re getting a good boat for a good price.

For a first time boater Bayliner boats make a lot of sense. After all if you’re new to boating you may not be sure if you will like and don’t want to invest a ton of money if your unsure about it. Bayliner make boats from 15 feet; all the way up to 65 feet, this guide will focus on the smaller end as those are the most popular with first time boat buyers.
Obviously Bayliner has to make their boats a bit cheaper than other some how. They are made with cheaper materials by lower skilled workers and sometimes have older outdated outboards like the Force Outboard series which were a 1970’s Chrysler motor design made up until the late 90’s.

rotten floor in bayliner boatWatch Out for Soft Spots Under Carpet

Many older Bayliners before the mid 2000’s were made largely of wood covered by a thin layer of fiberglass resin or carpet. fiberglass over wood is not necessarily a bad construction techniques but it needs to be done well to last. One gap in the resin and water will get into the wood and rot from the inside out. Most Bayliners are runabouts for families so they have carpet then them. Bayliner would just glue this carpet down over the plywood floor. This is fine for a few years until an owner leaves the boat outside in the rain for a few years. Then the wood will get wet and not be able to drain, wood fungus (rot) start and there’s no going back. The floor will become soft and the whole floor will need to be replaced.

85 hp force outboard motorForce Outboard Motors

Older outdated outboards like the Force Outboard brand which were a 1970’s Chrysler motor design made up until the late 90’s. They have a reputation of being hard to start, hard to tune. They are all 2 stroke and not oil injected, which means you have to mix the oil. I had one for years and it “worked” but never well. A power boat is only as good as the motor on it.